2019 June - July


Sample colours:

Download Sample ITA-ENG: Rif. MRK-005-0974

The colours of these samples are to be considered just indicative.
The same colour shade in different raw material or finishes can have a different lighting power and brightness.
We recommend requesting a sampling to have an exact colour reproduction.


PE411 + DALìBUGN-002

river 034

Powder type: Polyester.
Appearance: Smooth Glossy White + Leathered Pigmented Transparent.
Curing cycle: 15’@180°C + 20’@180°C (metal temperature).

SALTLAKE-001 + 6.447.0015-AJT

ocean 018

Powder type: Modified Polyurethane + Polyester.
Appearance: Special Textured with “Cracklè” effect + Smooth Glossy Transparent Metallized.
Curing cycle: 20’@200°C + 20’@180°C (metal temperature).

PE 411 +

gicolor colibri 016

Powder type: Polyester + Polyurethane.
Appearance: Smooth Glossy White + Antigraffiti Smooth Glossy Transparent.
Curing cycle: 15’@180°C +20’@200°C (metal temperature).


13M 128 A046

Powder type: Polyester bond stabilized.
Appearance: Smooth Glossy Metallized.
Curing cycle: 20’@180°C (metal temperature).